The burning question(s)


Several inspirational women have already agreed to take part in this study (we’re still open to further nominations, if you have someone in mind).  Now we turn our attention to the topics for discussion with Edinburgh’s change makers…

Each participant is involved in a different sort of activity and their experiences vary, so we have developed a list of talking points instead of generic questions that might not be relevant to every change maker. This approach will allow us to respond to the flow of the conversation and let the change makers highlight parts of their unique stories that they feel are most important.

Below you’ll find a list of the talking points identified so far – if you think we’ve missed anything crucial, or have a specific burning question you’d like us to ask, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We’re keen to make sure the learning from this project is as useful as possible for those who are interested in activism and social change.

  • Nature of activism or ground breaking activity
  • Support networks – do you work alone, are you supported by others?
  • Motivation for making change/career choice
  • Thoughts on the previous Breaking The Mould project – do any of the women’s experiences highlighted in the publication resonate with your own?
  • Activism/career highlights?
  • Resources – what has helped you in your work?
  • Challenges – any impediments in your activity or career? Have their been any obstacles to overcome along the way?
  • Impacts – any thoughts on how your activity/career has affected individuals or communities?
  • Involvement in other campaigns/groups or membership of relevant organisations?
  • Thoughts for the future – what else do you hope to achieve?
  • Role models – who has inspired you?

To suggest a theme or question for us to cover in our conversations with change makers, just email Research Director Lorraine Simpson via or tweet us @thelinesbetween using #breakingthemould2016




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